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Technoric provides Internet marketing services, website promotion, website development and advanced digital solutions to a wide range of business customers and unique Internet initiatives.

The experience accumulated by Technoric during its years of operation provides customers with exceptional technological capabilities, extensive infrastructures and a deep understanding of the field of promotion and marketing and the changes that take place there.

The company's team consists of SEO & PPC experts, Internet marketing and advertising professionals, web designers and developers who accompany every project in the company personally and closely.

Technoric aims to ensure the quality of service, professionalism and providing comprehensive and complementary Internet solutions for each customer.

Our Services

Media Buying

Advertising takes more than making an awesome ad. Someone must see the ad, and not just anyone – your target audience. That’s why effective media buying is so important. Finding the appropriate venues for your media ads is no easy task. Hiring an experienced agency like Technoric, that already has a developed network is the smart option for you.


Managing a Google advertising campaign requires knowledge, experience and professionalism to maximize the advertising budget and maximize campaign performance. Advertising in Google allows you to get a great deal of exposure to potential customers by managing a professional advertising campaign and displaying advertising ads in Google search results.


Whether you wish to start promoting our advertisers or want to get started as an advertiser and grow an online sales force, Technoric will help reach your audience, build awareness, and scale your online sales with affiliate marketing.


SEO has long been the most effective and profitable channel among companies and organizations. Technoric is one of the leading agencies promoting organic sites in Google and provides amazing results in promoting our clients' websites. We at Technoric are committed to promoting quality, professional and in-depth websites that focus on achieving clear marketing goals and objectives, while promoting a wide range of activities to maximize performance. Our promotion experts will be happy to provide you with effective and high-quality promotions.

Web Design

Building a website requires an orderly process of thinking, research, characterization and design to achieve a website with the right flow and to achieve the best performance for each product. At Technoric, we build exceptional sites that are innovative, meticulous, and correct for every product. Technoric specializes in custom website design & development for all kind of industries, through a clear process from the characterization stage, creating flowcharts & sketches, to creating a full website design, considering the smallest details that will make the product the best and a leader in its field.

Studio Services

In our studio we generate original design that investigates the brand’s consumer profile, the company's image, and the objectives of digital marketing, up to advanced technological development, and the construction of a professional product. All this creates a unique and memorable product that is easy to use and manage.

We can help you grow your online business

Website Maintenance

Let us maintain your website, so you can focus on your business.

A website needs to be taken care of professionally. Without regular care, it won’t keep working and perform what it was made to do. There are dozens of tasks required to maintain a website and keep it up and running, and it needs to be taken care of professionally.

Let our experts do their technical job, while you can be focus on your business or free time. Our team works 24/7 to make sure your site is running quickly and efficiently, it’s safe, secure and updated all the time.

We offer complete website maintenance packages that suit any budget and needs.

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